5 Warning Signs You May Need HVAC Repair

5 Warning Signs You May Need HVAC Repair

5 Warning Signs You May Need HVAC Repair

Is your HVAC system acting strangely? Maybe the rooms in your house seem colder or warmer than they should, or you keep hearing odd noises from the furnace.

It’s important to act fast when you notice signs of a damaged HVAC system, so it doesn’t break down. HVAC repair can fix problems before they get out of hand. Here are some signs you need it.

1. Odd Noises

If you suddenly notice unusual and loud noises coming from your system, it might be time for HVAC repair services.

What sounds count as an odd noise? Usually buzzing, humming, clanking, banging, rattling, and other sudden noises you don’t recognize. These sounds can indicate a loose part or another more serious issue.

If you notice the odd noise doesn’t go away, you should pick up the phone and call for an HVAC technician to take a look.

2. Bad Odors

Sometimes your HVAC system can accumulate mold or mildew inside. In other cases, animals can get caught in the system and start to rot. These unpleasant smells can get pushed through the home.

When maintaining or repairing the HVAC system, technicians will locate the source of the bad odors and take action to correct the problem.

3. Expensive Power Bills

While a hike in power bills could mean many things, a steady increase each month over a long period can indicate something is wrong with your HVAC system.

Old systems and systems that are working overtime can both result in more expensive bills.

4. Airflow Issues

Airflow problems are one of the most common signs of a damaged HVAC system. Poor airflow can indicate a broken air conditioner or that there’s something blocking air from moving through your home’s ductwork.

An HVAC technician can take a look at your system, see if the air filters need replacing, and determine if the cause of the blockage is related to the ductwork.

A regular maintenance plan can help prevent airflow issues in the future.

5. The System Keeps Cycling on and Off

You should recognize your heating and cooling system’s cycles and notice when it seems like your system is running more than it should. If the air conditioner turns on and off constantly, for instance, it’s time to call a cooling expert.

Cycling on and off too much puts undue strain on your AC. It can also result in higher energy bills, neither of which any homeowner wants.

The problem could be as simple as a tune-up, but you might also need a new system. Either way, a heating and cooling professional can pinpoint the issue.

The HVAC Repair Services You Need

These are some of the most common signs that you need HVAC repair. If you’ve noticed any of these, it’s time to contact a heating and cooling professional.

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