6 Common HVAC Issues

6 Common HVAC Issues

6 Common HVAC Issues

Energy Star recommends servicing your air conditioning system every spring and your furnace every fall. If you follow this suggestion, you can avoid most problems.

What are the most common HVAC issues, you might wonder?

In this guide, we’ll explain six of the most common issues that people experience with their air conditioners and furnaces.

1. Dirty Filter

One of the most common HVAC problems that homeowners experience comes from a dirty air filter. Your system has a filter in it that helps remove particles from the air before the air enters the system.

The filter gets dirty over time, and you must replace it as needed. Many people forget to change theirs, though. If you fail to change your air filter, it can be inefficient with your furnace and other problems.

2. Low Coolant

Low coolant is another one of several common HVAC issues you might experience. When your coolant level drops, your system can’t produce cold air fast enough. If the coolant is too low, it might not produce any cold air.

If your coolant level is low, you might notice that your system runs all the time or in short cycles. You’ll need to hire a company to test the level and refill it if necessary.

3. Debris in the Outdoor Unit

You might need HVAC repair if your outdoor air conditioning unit gets debris in it. Because this unit is outside, it’s prone to problems.

If debris gets inside, it can stop it from working. If animals get inside, they can also damage parts of the system.

4. Faulty Wiring

You might also have issues with your heating and cooling system if the wiring is faulty. Faulty wiring is a problem that any homeowner can have. The wiring might be bad from age or another reason.

In some cases, the wiring might be bad from critters chewing on it. In any case, you must get it fixed for your system to run well.

5. Clogged Drain Line

You may also need HVAC services from a clogged drain line. Your air conditioning system has a drain line that helps eliminate the water that forms naturally from condensation.

Unfortunately, this line gets clogged sometimes. If this happens, your system will have a blockage that prevents it from working properly. If you don’t fix it, your system might not run efficiently or properly.

6. Strange Noises

Cooling systems can also make strange sounds that indicate you need repairs. If your system begins making strange noises, you might want to hire a contractor to examine it.

An air conditioning system can hum, buzz, or clank. It can make various other sounds, too. If your system makes a sound you’ve never heard before, contact a company for services.

Fix These Common HVAC Issues

If you maintain your system regularly, you might avoid some of these common HVAC issues.

If you’re currently struggling with a problem with your air conditioner or furnace, give us a call. We offer HVAC services in the Haubstadt, Indiana, area, and we can maintain or repair any issues you might have.

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