Furnace Maintenance Tips To Avoid Breakdowns During The Coldest Days In Mount Carmel, IN

Furnace Maintenance Tips To Avoid Breakdowns During The Coldest Days In Mount Carmel, IN

Furnace Maintenance Tips to Avoid Breakdowns During the Coldest Days in Mount Carmel, IN

Picture this: It’s freezing outside your Mount Carmel home and the only thing keeping you comfortable is your furnace. What happens if your furnace breaks down during the coldest days of winter?

Well, you freeze and hope a furnace repair technician can get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening by completing regular furnace maintenance before the cold hits. Keep reading to learn the best heating servicing tips.

Check Your Thermostat

A critical component of your furnace is your thermostat. If your thermostat setting doesn’t match the temperature of your home, your furnace won’t be able to work as it should.

Inaccurate calibration and dirt can negatively impact the performance of a thermostat. To ensure the thermostat works, clean around the thermostat and furnace often.

If you need to recalibrate your thermostat, have a Mount Carmel, IN technician analyze your system.

Change Your Air Filter

The easiest furnace maintenance task that you can do without calling a service technician is to change your air filter. Air filters are responsible for keeping indoor air quality in top condition to prevent allergens and airborne illnesses.

Air filters will accumulate dust and dirt over time diminishing their ability to clean the air and forcing your furnace to have to work harder to push air through the filters.

When this happens, you spend more money on energy and won’t be as comfortable in your home because air temperatures will be less consistent.

Not only are air filters easy to change, but they are inexpensive to purchase. Make sure you change your furnace filters about every three months.

Monitor the Control Valve

Monitoring the control valve will help you recognize when you need furnace repair. Some heating and cooling maintenance companies offer a free furnace inspection and will check the control valve for you.

Most furnaces have a control valve for safety reasons. On a gas furnace, look for the control valve on the supply line.

If you notice that your furnace isn’t producing heat, check that the valve is in the ‘on’ position so that gas can freely enter your furnace.

If your control valve is in the right setting, call a Mount Carmel, IN heating professional to figure out the problem.

Clean Your Furnace

When you go to change your furnace filter, consider cleaning your furnace as well. Your furnace should be regularly cleaned so start adding this task to your cleaning checklist. Start with cleaning these parts:

  • Filter system
  • Blower
  • Motor

A dirty furnace won’t produce heat efficiently and forces the furnace to work harder, increasing your energy bills. The dirtier a furnace gets, the higher the chances are of a part breaking.

Complete Furnace Maintenance To Avoid Breakdowns

The last thing you’ll want during the coldest days in Mount Carmel, IN is for your furnace to break down. Luckily, these furnace maintenance tips can help keep your system in tip-top shape and mitigate the risk of problems.

Check your thermostat and monitor the control valve. Regularly change out air filters and clean your furnace to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

If you need help maintaining your furnace or want a professional heating tune-up before winter, Perfect Climate Heating & Air has over a decade of experience to help. Fill out our form to make a service appointment.

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